A Pair of Bears for 2008

Grizzly 700 ATV comes with or without power steering in 2008.

Yamaha has split production of its Grizzly 700 ATV to accommodate customers who want power steering, or not.

The 2008 Grizzly 700 FI is available with and without Electric Power Steering with a price difference of about $600 for the EPS delete version.

Yamaha's power steering system debuted on the 2007 Grizzly 700 and features a torque-sensing steering column that signals twisting force to a computer, which controls an electric motor assist to soften or eliminate "kickback" and make the toughest terrain easier to tackle.

The Grizzly powerplant is adapted from the company's popular sport ATV, the RaptorR, and features a single-overhead-cam single, fuel-injected engine with four valves for combustion efficiency. Electronic fuel injection makes cold or hot starts dependable, and the Ultramatic centrifugal clutch and drive belt work for engine braking at all four wheels with 2WD or 4WD selections.

Yamaha is offering its 700 FI Grizzly with and without power steering for 2008. The utility ATVs will tow

1,212 lbs. and can carry nearly 300 lbs. on racks beside the rider.

The 2008 Grizzly sports four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and rides on Yamaha-designed Dunlop tires.
Towing specs for both models is 1,212 lbs. and payload includes a 99 lb. rating on the front rack and 187 lbs. on the rear.

For more information on the Grizzly and its various special editions and accessories, click on www.yamahaoutdoors.com.

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