A QuickSwitch Disc Harrow

A QuickSwitch Disc Harrow

Universal-fit mounting system attaches to most ATVs.

Swisher's new QuickSwitch universal-fit mounting system is featured in the company's introduction of its new disc harrow for ATV use.

The patent-pending QuickSwitch system attaches to the underside of most ATVs and runs the full length of the frame to give operators the maximum strength and rigidity for whatever tools they might wish to use. The system's leaf-spring design takes the weight off the front suspension of the vehicle to provide easy steering and maneuverability along with high load capacity.

With the QuickSwitch system, Swisher is also introducing a compatible 44-inch disc harrow with eight discs for use in gardens, feed plots, soil tillage, leveling or other grounds maintenance. The new harrow can be connected and disconnected to the QuickSwitch system with no tools and it can be raised or lowered by either a front- or rear-mounted winch.

For more information on the QuickSwitch system, the new harrow and additional front and rear ATV attachments, call (800) 222-8183, or visit www.swisherinc.com.

QUICKSWITCH HARROW: A new disc harrow is one of several new implements compatible with Swisher's new QuickSwitch attachment system for ATVs. The harrow joins scrapers, graders, dump buckets, a plow blade, a fork lift and a front-mounted mower as attachments for the QuickSwitch system.

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