Abe Lincoln National Ag Awards Launched at 2007 Farm Progress Show

Calling for applicants in five categories, including ag education, technology, agri-business, an individual agriculturalist and an ag legislator.

Perhaps no single industry had a greater impact on Abraham Lincoln than agriculture, and no single president made a more lasting contribution to agriculture than the nation's 16th president. To honor those ties, a national agricultural awards program is being launched for those across the country who have left their mark, like Honest Abe, on the agricultural landscape.

Recipients of the inaugural Abraham Lincoln National Agricultural Awards will be honored at the Farm Progress Show on Aug. 28, 2007 with a 23-inch statuette of Honest Abe made by renowned Lincoln sculptor John McClarey during a noon presentation.

Nominations and applications are being sought through June 29 for five award categories, including ag education, technology, agri-business, an individual agriculturalist, and an ag legislator.

Awards will be presented to individuals, companies, businesses, organizations, or educational institutions that exhibit exemplary leadership and achievement in the five categories listed above.

From Abe Lincoln's establishment of the United States Department of Agriculture to his signing of the federal law that established land-grant colleges, Lincoln continued to influence, as well as be influenced, by agriculture throughout his life. And there is no better place in the United States to present such prestigious Lincoln awards than in Decatur, Ill., during the first day of the Farm Progress Show. Called the nation's greatest ag showcase, the 2007 Farm Progress Show runs August 28-30 at its permanent site in Decatur.

It was in Decatur that Abraham Lincoln first moved to when he came to Illinois. It was in Decatur that Abraham Lincoln started on his career in politics when he gave his first "official" political speech. It was in Decatur where Abraham Lincoln was first nominated as a presidential candidate in 1860. And it is in Decatur that the agricultural tradition continues as the lifeblood of this community, as several agri-business giants make their home here.

Nomination and application forms are available online at www.farmprogressshow. You can also get the application by clicking HERE. For more information, contact Kim Bauer at (217) 424-2779 or email him at [email protected]; or contact Cindy Laegeler at (217) 875-7211, ext. 577 or email her at [email protected].

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