Administration Making Recovery Act Sales Calls

Administration Making Recovery Act Sales Calls

Nationwide review being made of progress achieved by Recovery Act.

Obama Administration Officials are traveling to over 35 communities this week to mark the one-year anniversary of the Recovery Act. They are visiting locations in 25 states and in every region of the country to view Recovery Act progress. On Wednesday President Obama marks the anniversary at a White House event involving Americans from across the country who have benefited from the act. The Vice President is spending the day in Saginaw, Mich., hearing from local residents how the Recovery Act is helping this hard-hit former auto community reinvent itself to be competitive in the 21st century economy. 


Administration officials will have much to discuss, talking how the President's additional job creation proposals will build on early Recovery Act progress to create more jobs and drive more economic growth. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack will participate through media conference calls, discussing the effect the Recovery Act is having on job creation in rural communities.


On Friday, Energy Secretary Steven Chu will tour a wind turbine manufacturing facility in Windsor, Colo. to underscore the importance clean and renewable energy is playing in putting more and more Americans back to work. Secretary Chu will also co-host with Representative Betsy Markey, D-Colo., a renewable energy forum, highlighting the success the Recovery Act has had in the state and across the country.

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