AFBF Votes to Support COOL

Country of Origin Labeling overwhelmingly approved by delegates.

The delegates of the 89th American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting voted 212-132 to support mandatory country of origin labeling. George Chambers, a delegate from Georgia and a director of R-Calf, took to the floor to encourage support of the measure.

"What surprised me as much as anything was the margin," says Chambers. "Also, once I yielded the floor back, there was no one that got up and spoke in opposition. It wasn’t even debated."

Chambers has introduced COOL to AFBF twice before without success.

"I have looked in this policy book and seen no less than 18 references to buy American or to the promotion of United States product; both domestic and abroad," Chambers told the delegates. "How then, can we not remedy this contradiction in ideology? Our trading partners have asked for it, and most importantly, the American consumer has demanded it."

R-Calf USA COOL Committee Chair Mark Schultz is ecstatic about the AFBF vote.

"The membership has voted, and hopefully will give direction to the Farm Bureau administration to continue to support a position that many state Farm Bureau chapters have supported for years," Schultz says.

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