Ag Subcommittee Holds Stimulus Hearing

Getting dollars where they are most needed is focus of members.

The House Agriculture Subcommittee on Rural Development, Biotechnology, Specialty Crops and Foreign Agriculture held a hearing on Wednesday to review USDA's rural development programs and the status of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds for these programs. Subcommittee Ranking Member Michael Conaway, R-Texas, said testimony highlighted several critical barriers to getting funding to where it is most needed in rural America, and that Congress hopes USDA will be able to address those problems quickly.


The Subcommittee heard testimony from two panels of witnesses, including Undersecretary for Rural Development Dallas Tonsager, who spoke about USDA's rural development programs as well as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds targeted for those programs.


"From key infrastructure and housing to broadband and business loans, federal funds are playing a critical role in helping communities move forward, and it is critical that these dollars are spent wisely and appropriately," said Chairman Mike McIntyre, D-N.C. "This subcommittee will continue to do all we can to support rural America and ensure that taxpayers' dollars are being spent in the most efficient manner."

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