Agco launches new Command corn heads

Agco launches new Command corn heads

The new line offers significant upgrades, and the head fits a range of the company's machines.

Harvesting corn is big business throughout the country and farmers are looking for ways to boost the efficiency of their combines. One way to do that is to upgrade the corn head on your machine, and for Agco customers running Gleaner, Massey Ferguson or Challenger models, there's a new choice for 2016: The Command corn heads.

This is the first new corn head from Agco in several years and the series includes four models, the 3308 and 3308C (C is for chopping) ;and the 3312 and 3312C.

Available in straight, or chopping models, the new Command corn head from Agco promises increases productivity, and efficiency.

"These are totally new corn heads, but they can be retrofitted to many Agco combines," says Kevin Bien, manager, brand marketing, Gleaner. "These new heads will also work with Massey Ferguson and Challenger combines."

Bien points out that the chopping head requires less power than competitive models but that's due in part to the fact that many chopping corn heads have a European design, where power requirements can be higher. "We worked specifically on a chopping head that would require less power," he notes. "And we offer the ability to disable the chopping mechanism if you don't want to run it in some fields." And it's possible to disable the chopping function on each row if you don't want to use it.

That added flexibility may come in handy for some customers. The new Command corn head line includes a 20-inch auger with 30-inch flighting, so the machine can run slower but maintain higher capacity. There are also a range of add-ons like snout protectors, or Reichhardt guidance "whiskers" to help during combine operation. And Agco offers optional stalk stompers too.

The head can tilt up or down for better operation, and the snout design was specially made to help stop any added butt shelling. The focus of the advancements in the corn head were about avoiding harvest loss. For more information, visit

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