Agco steps up with new air-seeder

Agco steps up with new air-seeder

The Sunflower division of Agco has taking its proven single-disk opener tech and brought it to a new air-seeder.

Sunflower, the tillage and seeding line from Agco, is expanding its seeding lineup with the new Sunflower 9830NT Series, which is an integrated seed hopper, single-disk air drill. The machine combines key features from Sunflower drills and adds a large capacity, two-compartment seed tank and a narrow 11.5-foot transport width.

Larry Kuster, senior product marketing specialist, Agco, notes: "The heard of the new 9830NT air drill is Sunflower's field-proven, single-rank, single-disk opener system. This system delivers the precise, high-speed seeding performance farmers need to plant more acres in less time."

The new air-seeder from Agco's Sunflower division offers higher-speed operation for enhanced productivity.

Each tool bar on the 9800 single disk drill consists of two pairs of seeding disks and two packer tires. Each pair of seeding disks is mounted opposed on a common strut. This is a patented feature the company says accounts for many of the unique seeding characteristics of this drill. By placing all the openers in a single row, the opener spacing stays uniform in turns and when drifting on side-slopes.

The machine features a 175-bushels seed capacity hopper with two commodity chambers divided in a 60-40 split - 105 forward and 70 rear. When combined, the machine has a 5.83 bushel capacity for food of seeding width.

The drill includes the company's AgControl System, which is claimed to provide the most accurate and responsive rate control system allowing operators to place inputs, such as seeds or fertilizer, into the field at varying rates.

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