Agco tops off global tractor lineup, launches 12 row folding corn head

Agco tops off global tractor lineup, launches 12 row folding corn head

Massey Ferguson line fills out with three new model lineups - including two in the global product line; and there's a new harvest tool for the company's combines.

The Farm Progress Show was the first place farmers saw the new Challenger 1000 tractor, thought our readers got a glimpse of it ahead of the show with our online and print coverage. Yet at the show, the company also rolled out some new machines – including four new models for its global tractor line, that finishes out that mid-range series that includes machines from 70 to 130 hp. The firm also launched new machines from 140 to 160 hp.

A new premium tractor

SMOOTH RIDE: The new 6700S series from Agco is a premium tractor line with a range of transmission options, and a suspended cab.

The new 6700S series lineup was unveiled during the Farm Progress Show, and will include three models that the company says is the most fully equipped mid-range Massey Ferguson tractors offered. The three models have maximum horsepower ratings of 140, 150 and 160. The machines also include three transmission options, including the Dyna-VT a continuously variable transmission, the Dyna 6 – a 24F/24R semi-powershift with four ranges and six powershifts per range, and road speeds up to 31 mph, and the standard Dyna-4, a 16F/16R Semi-Powershift with four ranges and four powershifts per range with a max road speed up to 25 mph.

Another feature that may be popular with buyers is the emission system. The company has achieved Tier 4 final ratings using only selective catalytic reduction, and no particulate filter to manage. That also allowed the company to avoid a big stack on the tractors and maintain visibility. And according to the company the emission system also means there is no power loss to attain cleaner performance.

New global machines

GLOBAL MACHINE: The 6700 global series, and its 5700 sibling, offer four models – two in each series – to fill out the machine's global product line.

This may confuse some readers – but this is a 6700 series tractor, and part of the new global lineup of machines from Massey Ferguson – it is not to be confused with the 6700S, which is a premium tractor. During Farm Progress Show, Agco launched the 5700 and 6700 lineup, last fall the company rolled out the 4700 series in the global line.

A little bit about the global line. This is the company's most extensive, and expensive, tractor design program in Agco's history. This is a new family of 70 to 130 hp tractors and are now available for sale around the world. The lineup aims to be a straightforward, standard tractor for the under 130-hp sector. And the program involved an $350 million investment. The tractors are designed so they can built in a number of facilities, and are modular in nature with shared parts where it makes sense.

FOLD AND GO: The new 3212F folding corn head offers a chopping option, and the 12-row head folds for easy transport. A 6-row head will be introduced in September.

The new 5700 and 6700 models round out the global lineup. The 5700 series includes two models at 100 and 110 engine hp; the 6700 series has two models at 120 and 130 engine hp. All four models can be spec'd with or without a cab. All four have the 12F/12R power-shuttle transmission and engine power comes from an Agco Power 4.4-liter four-cylinder engine.

New corn heads

Last year Agco launched the new 3300 series corn heads – the first major upgrade to corn heads by the company in a long time. Both the 3308 and 3312 were fixed designs, but the company incorporated many productivity improving features.

This year, the development continues with the announcement at the Farm Progress Show of the 12-row 3212 folding corn head, which is available with or without the chopping option. It's shown on the lot in folded form due to the fact that if unfolded it might not fit in the lot. In addition, the 3200 series line will include a 6-row head, to be launched at Ohio Farm Science Review.

Folding heads have gained in popularity as farmers are challenged to move machines from field to field to maximize productivity. The new 3200 series heads will work on Massey Ferguson, Gleaner and Challenger combines.

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