Ahead Of Energy Debate, NCGA Stresses Now Is the Time for Ethanol

Ahead Of Energy Debate, NCGA Stresses Now Is the Time for Ethanol

Ihnen talks about extra push NCGA is putting toward policymakers.

The National Corn Growers Association is taking additional steps to make sure members of Congress think of corn-based ethanol as part of the formula for getting the U.S. to energy security and independence.

NCGA President Darrin Ihnen says a new television ad is now airing on local news programs in Washington and on major cable channels like Fox, CNN and MSNBC. It stresses the importance of ethanol.
"Everything that affects us, whether it's a corn industry or an ethanol industry is influenced by policymakers," Ihnen said. "That's why we're really focusing on Washington D.C., to make sure the folks that are looking at policy changes or regulations understand us as a corn grower, an agriculture community, and an ethanol industry."

The ad states that events at home and abroad demand a different solution to our energy needs - one that protects our national security, safeguards our environment and promotes economic growth. It spotlights turning American corn into America's energy as an answer that lies in our own backyard.

Ihnen says ethanol is renewable, efficient, abundant and safe and with a new energy bill on the horizon, he says it's an important and critical time to talk about and highlight all of these benefits.
"We definitely need good, solid energy policy that promotes domestic energy production and promotes renewable fuels, and one of those is ethanol," Ihnen said. "Any type of policy that promotes ethanol promotes economic development, promotes jobs growth. And then if you look at specific details; we think corn should be an advanced biofuel and we think the VEETC should be extended because it keeps us on a level playing field. Those are just a couple of things that should definitely be talked about."

The NCGA ad follows on the heels of news USDA reported last week regarding the increased efficiency of ethanol production in the past few years.

"The ethanol industry continues to get more efficient through technology, just as we as corn growers get more efficient," Ihnen said. "Technology has helped us in all facets of our businesses and the same with the ethanol industry. We're reducing greenhouse gasses, we've reduced our fertilizer needs per bushel of corn, so we are just doing a great job producing more and more corn with less and less inputs."

With the industry making great progress and another record crop in the ground Ihnen says the nation's corn growers can feed the world and fuel it too. That's why NCGA says now is the time for ethanol.

To view NCGA's advertisement visit the NCGA Web site at www.ncga.com.

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