Alcohol Workshop Part of Corn Growers' Convention


Small and mid-sized farm entrepreneurs can learn the fundamentals of setting up an alcohol and biofuel business during a special workshop held in conjunction with the American Corn Growers Association annual convention Jan. 15 in Coralville, Iowa.

David Blume, a permaculture and alcohol fuel expert and author of "Alcohol Can be A Gas" will lead the workshop.

The workshop provides a detailed explanation of how alcohol fuel can be easily and sustainably produced from grains, crops and even waste foods and how it is being used around the world to create jobs and combat energy and food shortages as well as climate change.

"Mr. Blume's knowledge of the agricultural methodology for optimizing Alcohol Fuel production and the economics of building businesses to meet the rapidly growing sustainable food, fuel and energy markets are unrivaled," said Pam Horwitz, Executive Director of American Corn Growers Association. "He has worked with governmental and agricultural agencies, organization and entrepreneurs throughout America and all over the world.

ACGA represents 14,000 members in 35 states. ACGA will host its Twenty-Second annual convention in Coralville, Iowa on Jan. 15 and 16, 2009. For more information or to join ACGA please go to or contact Pam Horwitz at 202-835-0330 or 815.646.4040.

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