All-Wheel Steering from Unverferth

All-Wheel Steering from Unverferth

Header transport offers true tracking and 180-degree front turning.

The new Fieldrunner AWS header transport from Unverferth features a front-to-rear steering connection for true tracking and 180-degree front turning for maneuverability.

Available in 32-, 36-, and 42-foot models with 13,000-pound carrying capacity, the Fieldrunner comes with automotive type ball-joint steering, spindles and kingpins with tapered roller bearings.

A 12-foot tongue has an extendable clevis hitch and adjustable, spring-assist lift design for easy attachment to the towing vehicle. On the rear a width-adjustable LED light bar gives enhanced visibility. The Fieldrunner can be equipped with 2- or 4-wheel electric brakes and a breakaway engagement for enhanced transport safety.

All-wheel steering is a hallmark of Unverferth's new Fieldrunner AWS header transport.

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