America Needs to Thank Farmers

Film and television star James Garner is urging Americans to thank a farmer.

In a video message, James Garner, star of Maverick, The Rockford Files and many other television shows and movies is thanking America's farmers for providing a secure food and energy future.

"Many Americans don't realize that we enjoy the safest, most affordable food supply in the world, thanks to our country's farmers," Garner says. "This year, our corn growers are helping us to solidify a more secure energy future by also producing corn for cleaner-burning renewable ethanol. I hope others will join me in thanking corn growers for helping fill our grocery shelves and still filling our cars with renewable fuel."

To see Garner's video as well as several other videos showing the important role America's farmers play, visit The site offers news, fun facts, an interactive timeline, a video contest, and ways to get involved in thanking America's farmers.

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