American Heart Association Campaign Draws Support

Monsanto backs AHA's "Face the Fats" campaign for healthier eating.

Monsanto is expressing support for an American Heart Association campaign to increase consumer awareness of how to eat sensibly. The campaign, "Face the Fats," aims to educate Americans on how to minimize trans fat and saturated fat in their diets.

This message works well with Monsanto's Vistive low-linolenic soybean trait, says Monsanto soybean traits marketing manager Kurt Wickstrom. The soybean line reduces trans fats in processed soybean oil. KFC and Kellogg's are among the companies that are switching to Vistive oil in order to eliminate trans fats in their products.

Vistive will be available this season throughout Iowa and in parts of Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, Missouri and Kentucky.

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