AMI Against Regulatory Change

AMI Against Regulatory Change

Group wants agency to adopt product pending lab analysis.

The American Meat Institute says it is unaware of any data that would support the need to change current policy regarding E. coli follow-up sampling and inspection methods except in the case of high event periods. According to Scott Goltry, Vice President of Food Safety and Inspection Services for AMI, FSIS is without basis in science and fact.

In comments submitted to USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service on the issue of tracing procedures for E. coli O157:H7 AMI agreed each establishment should develop or continue to use process control procedures that are based on findings, corrections and possible changes in production or disposition and react appropriately when there are higher than normal positive tests.

AMI encourages the agency to adopt or support the control of product pending lab analysis which AMI has petitioned USDA to implement. AMI also recommends USDA review ground beef production practices and sample ground beef products that are routinely produced by the processing facility.

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