Ammonia Application Made Simple

Ammonia Application Made Simple

Case IH's new Nutri-Placer 940 provides a sturdy, productive platform for inserting anhydrous ammonia into broad stripes in a field.

Case IH has launched a new heavy-duty folding anhydrous ammonia applicator with its Nutri-Placer 940, an implement that can put down ammonia in 65-foot widths.

Riding on 14 wheels, the largest model of the Nutri-Placer floats on the field with large flotation tires to maintain proper fertilizer depth and to control compaction. The machine has a Class V Perfect hitch and is designed to be pulled by the largest 4WD, high-horsepower tractors available, and it has a narrow profile in order to permit tight turns for track or wheel tractors. A rear hitch is rated at 25,000 pounds.

The Nutri-Placer 940 from Case IH helps broadacre operators fertilize in widths up to 65 feet on 14 wheels.

The frame on the 940 features a five-section field flex and seven-section design for superior ground contour and easy folding and unfolding. Transport width when folded is just under 19 feet.

The Nutri-Placer's ground engaging design has been shown in research to significantly cut nitrogen losses through evaporation.

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