Arctic Cat Introduces Diesel ATV

New ATV runs on either conventional diesel or biodiesel, with a suggested engine life of 10,000 hours.

Fuel economy and power are the selling points of Arctic Cat's new 700 cc diesel-powered ATV, designed to run on conventional diesel fuel or bio-diesel.

The 700 Diesel is powered with a twin-cylinder in-line, single overhead cam engine capable of 50% better fuel mileage than competing gasoline models. Peak torque comes in at 2,300 rpm.

Arctic Cat's new 700 Diesel brings low-rpm torque and significant fuel economy to the large ATV market.

AC's latest entry into the market boasts true multi-fuel capability, giving users six fuel options.

The new multi-fuel ATV runs efficiently on DF1 or DF2, DFA Arctic, JP5, JP8 and up to B20 biodiesel, with a glo-plug preheater assist for starting. The 700 Diesel has a suggested engine life of 10,000 hours before rebuild, or about 100 years of riding for the average ATV user.

Company officials say in testing the 700 Diesel was also run efficiently on vegetable oil and animal fat fuels.

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