ARRA Review Continues

ARRA Review Continues

Administration officials are visiting 45 states this week.

USDA says the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is working to cushion the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression and lay a new foundation for economic growth. That's the gist of the message USDA and other Federal government agencies are taking out to anyone across the nation who will listen. USDA officials say the department has announced the vast majority of its remaining $7.9 billion to support more than 90,000 grants, loans, and other job-creating projects.


According to the Obama Administration, grants have been awarded to expand the nation's fleet of alternative fuel vehicles. The first of many awards have been made to bring broadband to communities where there is little or no access. Small Business Loans have totaled nearly 20 billion dollars.


Also, other grants have gone to State and Local Governments to support Medicaid, education and law enforcement.

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