ASA Bars USSF Delegates

Hoffman says delegates must be members in good standing.

The American Soybean Association has tightened its policies so that members of the United States Soybean Federation cannot be voting delegates during this Saturday's annual business meeting at the Commodity Classic in Grapevine, Texas. ASA chairman John Hoffman says it is very important that delegates to the resolution session be members in good standing.

The USSF was formed after ASA asked USDA's Office of Inspector General to investigate and audit the checkoff spending practices and program activities of the United Soybean Board. USSF President Lance Peterson says farmers need an organization like USSF that will have no other focus than to fairly, vigorously and effectively represent the voice of all U.S. soybean farmers.

The U.S. Soybean Federation was formed by soybean farmers in Minnesota, Missouri and Mississippi. However according to Hoffman, interest by other states in joining the USSF has "fallen through."

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