ASA Presents its Doha Priorities

ASA Presents its Doha Priorities

Market access is key to successful outcome.

The American Soybean Association has communicated to U. S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk its priorities for restarting World Trade Organization negotiations on the Doha Development Agenda. According to ASA, the priorities offer a foundation that improves opportunity for a successful outcome for U.S. farmers.


"In our view, a successful agreement must include significant improvements in market access, greater commitments by developing countries with world-class agricultural exporting sectors, and elimination of Differential Export Taxes," said ASA President Johnny Dodson.


Dodson says current drafts on the table contain many loopholes and exemptions, and U.S. producers would receive little in market access gains while having to give up a great deal in the area of domestic support. ASA and other agriculture producer organizations have repeatedly emphasized the need for a big outcome on market access, commensurate with the concessions U.S. agriculture is being asked to make on domestic support.

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