ASA Sees ACRE Program as Positive

More praise for ACRE.

The American Soybean Association is adding there voice to those of approval of the release of rules regarding the Average Crop Revenue Election program. ASA is pleased USDA has decided to use 2007and 2008 Season Average Prices in determining the revenue guarantee for the ACRE Program. ASA strongly supported the move because this will provide soybean farmers with a revenue guarantee about $71 higher per acre than if USDA had used 2006 and 2007 figures for soybeans.

"This decision will provide an average revenue guarantee of $422 per acre for 2009 crop soybeans, based on a national average yield of 41.7 bushels per acre on planted acres," said ASA President Johnny Dodson. "This will make ACRE a viable program option for many soybean farmers in 2009 and beyond."

According to Dodson, ASA urges all soybean producers to examine the ACRE Program carefully in deciding which safety net best serves to protect their farm income.

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