ASA Voting Delegates Set Policy Direction

Group revises and modifies position on variety of soybean issues.

Following the conclusion of the Commodity Classic Convention and Trade Show in Grapevine, Texas Saturday, the American Soybean Association held it's annual voting delegate session and laid out it's policies for the coming year in exports, domestic issues, research and many more issues.

Delegates voted to continue to strongly support free trade agreements as adopted without addendums, and support adopting future trade agreements without social and political requirements being the basis for acceptance.

Domestically, ASA recommends increased governmental funding to improve the antiquated information technology system of the Farm Service Agency; are opposed to any efforts to reopen the 2008 Farm Bill, and support the use of sound science in direct and indirect land use metrics as they pertain to the renewable fuels standard.

The delegates provided a vote of confidence in the United Soybean Board, waiving the conflict of interest policy and affirmed the eligibility of delegates who also serve as directors on the United Soybean Board by allowing them to vote on motions affecting the national soybean checkoff program. However, the delegates postponed decisions on whether changes should be considered to the national soybean checkoff program until the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Inspector General audit and investigation of the national soybean checkoff program is complete.

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