ASA Wants Biodiesel Tax Extension in Jobs Bill

ASA Wants Biodiesel Tax Extension in Jobs Bill

Group argues extension would save thousands of jobs.

The American Soybean Association wants the U.S. Senate to reinsert a retroactive extension of the biodiesel tax incentive in the first Jobs Bill it passes and it wants help from growers. ASA says such action would save the jobs of 23,000 people working in the biodiesel industry.


ASA First Vice President Alan Kemper points out that there is a direct correlation between the biodiesel tax incentive and creating jobs. If Senators really want a bill to save jobs for American workers, they need to put a retroactive extension of the Biodiesel Tax Incentive back in the first Jobs Bill they consider.


According to ASA, expiration of the biodiesel tax incentive on December 31, 2009, has essentially caused the production and use of biodiesel in the U.S. to cease and has placed the 23,000 jobs that are currently supported by the domestic biodiesel industry in immediate jeopardy. Companies have already started laying-off employees, and this situation is certain to worsen the longer the tax incentive is allowed to lapse.


"We don't understand the logic used to strip the biodiesel provisions out of the bill," Kemper said. "The biodiesel tax incentive provisions would save and create thousands of green jobs and help all Americans move away from their dependence on imported petroleum. ASA encourages producers to ask their state's Senators for their support."  

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