At-a-glance Temp and Humidity Readings

New tool for use with poultry, livestock or grain storage.

Producers using temperature and humidity readings for poultry, livestock or grain storage have a new easy-to-read tool at their disposal in the Dickson Graph-At-A-Glance Flat Panel Data Loggers.

The new panels sport a 4.5X3.4-inch screen and a $299 price for a 37% savings over earlier models.

In addition, the loggers include FLASH memory card data transfer ability, USB-enabled triple speed downloading, user-defined display settings, 32KB storage and audio and visual alarms.

For more information on the new panels call (800) 757-3747, or visit

Dickson's new At-A-Glance Data Logger comes with more user-friendly capabilities and a lower price. The data logger is aimed at producers who need temperature and humidity readings for poultry, livestock, grain storage and horticultural crops.

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