Auction of Champions Highlights Junior Livestock Show

Auction of Champions Highlights Junior Livestock Show

Grand Champion Steer at Kansas Junior Livestock Show sells for $9,500 auction premium and $3,200 in add-on bonuses.

Seventeen-year-old Haley Lauer, a senior at Abilene High School, took Grand Champion Steer honors with her 16-month-old Charloais at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show. Cargill Meat Solutions and Carlos O’Kelly’s  for a premium of $9,500 at the Auction of Champions Monday night.

Add-on bonuses from businesses in the Abilene area added $3,200 to Lauer’s premium, for a total of $12,700.

Reserve Grand Champion steer whent to Cody Hrabe of Stockton, who showed the Grand Champion two years ago.

Hrabe, 15, took home $5,000 in auction premium and add-ons of $1,575. A group of bidders led by Kansas Feed won the auction.

GRAND CHAMPION: Haley Lauer, 17, of Abilene collected $12,700 in auction premium and bonuses Monday night at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show Auction of Champions.

Boone Ott, 19, of Coffeyville, showed the Grand Champion Lamb in his next-to-last youth show. He said he will show  one more time at the American Royal in Kansas City this fall. His Grand Champion lamb brought $2,500 for the Kansas State University agriculture major. Southwestern Remodeling was the winning bidder. Add-on bonuses added $950 to Ott’s premium total of $3,450.

The Reserve Grand Champion lamb earned Taylor Stanley of Baldwin $1,200 in auction premium and $800 in add-ons for a total of $2,000.

Ten-year-old John Fritts of Emporia showed the Grand Champion barrow with a hog purchased from Valley Brook Farms. The young man was clearly a favorite with bidders, who pushed the premium for his hog to $3,100 at auction with $540 in add-ons.

Kylie Holmes, 13, of Lebo, showed the Reserve Grand Champion Barrow. The 8th grader banked $1,000 in auction premium money.

Lindsey Pease, a 17-year-old senior at Chetopa High School, showed the Grand Champion market goat. She said she is headed for K-State as a veterinary medicine major. She’s been showing for 10 years and banked $1,100  in premium money.

The final champion to be auctioned was the Reserve Grand Champion goat shown by Hunter Haney from Johnson. His animal brought $1,000 in auction premium, but his add-on bonuses more than doubled that at $2,300, giving him a net premium of $3,300.

More on the Kansas Junior Livestock Show will appear in the November Kansas Farmer.

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