Authors Working to Introduce Climate Change Legislation

Authors Working to Introduce Climate Change Legislation

Uncertainty remains about climate bill's support.

Friday, authors of the Senate's climate change legislation had resolved problems with a section of the bill on transportation fuels. However, the bill's authors had other issues to contend with – creating uncertainty as to whether they could complete a full text before its introduction Monday. Then there is the question of who will support it.

Some industry sources said the Senate bill's lead author, Senator John Kerry, D-Mass., may have over-claimed industry support and the backing of colleagues. Senators whose support will be necessary to move the bill, including the chairs of committees with legislative jurisdiction, also have yet to see the text.

Some Democrats oppose the bill based on provisions to expand offshore drilling. That's one section observers feel Republicans could support. A major coup for the bill would be if the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would come out in support of the bill by Monday morning.

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