AutoFarm Unveils Envizio Pro

AutoFarm Unveils Envizio Pro

Addition gives growers assisted steering and more.

Embedded steering control is the highlight of AutoFarm's new Envizio Pro, which allows it to work with the AutoFarm OnTrac2 GPS Assisted Steering System on a wide range of equipment including tractors, sprayers, spreaders and combines.


The addition to the OnTrac2 GPS offering gives growers assisted steering plus application control, boom management and planter control in a single easy-to-use and affordable system.


Envizio Pro offers a 10 Hz DGPS integrated receiver and bright 6.4-inch LCD touchscreen for multiple in-field views with three dimensional moving map guidance displays.


The OnTrac2 system was introduced in February for hands-free steering that eliminates skips and overlaps, lowers fuel consumption, expands the seasonal operating window, and dramatically reduces operator fatigue. It's unique design does not require the removal of the steering wheel, and simply latches on and off for easy transfer from one piece of equipment to another.


For more information on Envizio Pro and OnTrac2 equipment, visit or call (800) 947-7327.

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