Bale spear gets an upgrade

Bale spear gets an upgrade

AgVention has a history of innovation, and now they're tackling the bale spear.

The AgVentive folks are at it again. The developers of the Tracktill system are back with a new product they're calling the TiltSpear. This hydraulically tilting double bale-spear is designed to make it easy to handle two bales at once. The company developed and patenteded this design over the last two years and it's now ready for market.

The tilting action of the TiltSpear makes moving big round bales easier, and faster.

As the company explains, historically for a bale producer to move more than one bale at a time the process would require the operator to engage a bale, move it to the to a second bale, disengage the first and then finally re-engage both bales simultaneously. Not with the TiltSpear. The unit is a fully hydraulic tilting spear - so you engage the first able, then rotate the spear in the other direction and engage the second bale without reversing or disengaging either bale. A video on the company site shows the unit in action, and the company reports efficiency and financial numbers about the tool's use.

The TiltSpear has four, 48-inch tines rated at 3,800 pounds. The attachment is sold with a universal bolt-on design that accommodates all MDS mounting couplers allowing the bale-spear to be compatible with virtually any front-end loader, skid loader or tractor. Learn more, and see that video, at

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