Ban of Chlorine Treated Poultry Implemented by Russia

Ban of Chlorine Treated Poultry Implemented by Russia

The rule will completely stop import of U.S. poultry.

Effective January 1, Russian officials say imports of poultry treated with chlorine from any country is prohibited.  The Interfax News Agency quotes Russia's head of the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Russia's chief public health officer saying they have sent to the Federal Customs Service a letter in which they confirmed the final version of the requirement.  The ban could completely rule out imports of U.S. poultry in 2010, estimated at some 500,000 metric tons.


Gennadiy Onishchenko is quoted as saying that most Russian establishments have switched their technology to treat birds with cold air and acid sprays instead of water solutions containing chlorine. Also, Onishchenko reportedly said that if you process poultry the way the national legislation requires then no one will object to its import. Russia claims chlorine on poultry presents a danger to public health.

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