BASF Plant Science Signs Up Two Brands to Market Corn Hybrids With NutriDense

Stewart Seeds and Kruger Seeds chose to sell NutriDense hybrids.

BASF Plant Science has announced the addition of two new American Seeds LLC brands to the current list of NutriDense trait licensees. The two seed brands, Stewart Seeds of Greensburg, Indiana and Kruger Seeds of Dike, Iowa will be offering NutriDense grain hybrids in 2009 due to strong demand in their market areas as well as significant improvements in the performance of NutriDense genetics.

These brands build upon the ongoing relationship established between NutriDense and American Seeds LLC which includes NutriDense for silage with Grow Direct --Fielder's Choice Direct and Heartland Hybrids. Stewart Seeds and Kruger Seeds will further the momentum for NutriDense grain hybrids and demonstrate performance enhancements of NutriDense genetics.

"We are very excited to add Stewart Seeds and Kruger Seeds to our growing list of NutriDense licensees," said Barney Bernstein, Director of Trait Marketing and Sales for BASF Plant Science. "They have strong brands in their respective market areas and the additional acres of NutriDense hybrids will open many new grain contracting opportunities for all of our farmer customers."

BASF Plant Science breeding efforts have significantly improved NutriDense parent lines and the hybrids developed from these lines have excellent agronomics and strong yield potential.

"We always strive to bring our customers the best genetics on the market today," said James Hedges, Corn Business Lead for American Seed LLC. "With NutriDense we have seen good results and are confident that our grain farmer customers will see improved profitability. Grain hybrids containing the NutriDense trait will be available for the 2009 growing season."

NutriDense is a nutritionally enhanced corn that contains a stacked set of output traits designed to enhance animal feed performance. Seed companies market the product through licensing agreements.

NutriDense silage hybrids can increase silage tonnage, milk production and per acre profitability for dairy producers. NutriDense silage hybrids can deliver high yields and increase milk production by up to 2.9 lbs./head/day.

For swine producers, hybrids containing NutriDense can improve profits by up to $4 per marketed hog by reducing feed costs and or improving feed efficiency. NutriDense is also higher in protein and all essential amino acids than many conventional corn hybrids.

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