BASF Schedules 2014 Summer Stewardship Training Sessions

BASF Schedules 2014 Summer Stewardship Training Sessions

BASF announces educational training and plot tour series for summer 2014 that will reach 24 states

BASF on Thursday announced an educational training and plot tour series for summer 2014 that will reach 24 states and focus on weed management, application best practices and overall stewardship of BASF herbicides.

"We are committed to ensuring growers' success with new technologies," said Luke Bozeman, Technical Market Manager, Herbicides, BASF. "The more knowledgeable growers are about precise stewardship practices, the more successful they will be in their applications."

BASF announces educational training and plot tour series for summer 2014 that will reach 24 states

Participants will be introduced to Engenia herbicide, which is slated for U.S. EPA registration in 2015. The series will provide information about best practices for stewardship of future Engenia herbicide applications in dicamba-tolerant crops. Additional training is expected post-EPA registration.

Attendees will tour field plots demonstrating the BASF Advanced Acre portfolio of products. Additional demonstrations will explore proper stewardship of other crop protection products and practices.

On Target Application Academy
At many of the summer training events, attendees will participate in the On Target Application Academy, a BASF spray application training led by industry professionals.

Since its inception in 2012, the On Target Application Academy has reached more than 4,000 growers in 21 states. This training is focused on proper application techniques – including the importance of boom height, weed size, nozzles and equipment cleanout – and their impact on the desired application.

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"As we move away from glyphosate-only treatments into more complete weed control programs, good stewardship practices will be essential," Bozeman said. "Growers and applicators need to be aware of precise recommendations for spray applications in the future, including weather, weed height, time of day and the location of neighboring crops."

Engenia Herbicide Stewardship
Engenia herbicide will be a dicamba formulation that provides an additional site of action for control of broadleaf weeds in DT crops, including DT soybeans and DT cotton.

The new technology will provide postemergent and rate-dependent residual broadleaf control of tough-to-control weeds, including Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, making the product crucial to resistance management.

Currently, growers have few tools available to control weed post-emergence in soybeans and cotton.

"Field trials have shown that Engenia herbicide will provide effective control of glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds," said Bozeman. "This advanced herbicide will be a powerful new tool for growers facing weeds post-emergence and glyphosate herbicide resistance."

Training Locations
The summer training series will be held in 24 states across the country, with the largest training events occurring at BASF research farms in Story City, Iowa; Pine Level, N.C.; Beaver Crossing, Neb.; and the newly expanded and fully renovated Seymour, Ill., location.

To participate in a training event in your area, contact a local authorized BASF retailer, BASF Innovation Specialist or visit the On Target Application Academy website for more information.

Source: BASF

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