BASF's Engenia herbicide will require stewardship

BASF's Engenia herbicide will require stewardship

Nozzle selection key with herbicides coming soon.

A.J Woodyard climbed aboard the field-ready John Deere sprayer.The sprayer kicked on and Chad Brommer pointed out differences along the spray boom. Each section used a different type of nozzle. Fine water droplets misted away from the normal flat fan nozzles on the far end. In the center, where TTI nozzles from Tee Jet were in place, there were precious little fines. Droplets went down, all the way toward the ground.

"That's what we want to see," Brommer noted. "Using the right nozzles will be an important part of stewardship with Engenia herbicide."

See and believe- Notice the difference in drift from the regular flat fan nozzles on the far right, vs. TTI nozzles installed on the section with virtually no drift.

WoodyarEngeniad manages the BASF research and training facility near Seymour, Ill. Brommer is also with BASF. Engenia is a dicamba-based herbicide developed for dicamba-tolerant crops. Still in the registration process, farmers will like the weed control it provides. Farmers with resistant weeds, such as tall waterhemp, marestail, Palmer amaranth and giant ragweed are especially anxious to gain access to one of the new dicamba products, Enlist from Dow AgroSciences or other products coming later.

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Seeing the sprayer work allows you to visualize what it will take to clean it out. Triple-rinse of the entire machine is the minimum. Some may want to go further and rinse lines a couple more times.

This sprayer was equipped with a herbicide injection system. "That's a plus with this product," Brommer says. "You can put it in the main tank mix. Or you can inject tit from a small tank. If you inject it, the clan-out process will be faster because there will be less to clean. You also have the option of putting Engenia in or out of the mix as needed. There will be setback requirements, although details are pending with EPA. Being able to inject it would make handling set-backs easier."

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