Bayer CropScience Continues Growing Strong Program

Rewards program unveiled for 2009.

Bayer CropScience is again offering producers the opportunity to receive points with purchase of products that can be redeemed for merchandise ranging from power tools to cash. Corn or cereals growers can qualify for the program by purchasing at least $3,000 worth of leading Bayer CropScience products.

"The Growing Strong Rewards Program has always been successful, and we're continually updating the program to meet our customers' changing needs," says Tim Zurliene, Bayer CropScience strategic business entity manager for herbicides and herbicide tolerant traits. "We're excited that the 2009 program gives more ways for growers to qualify, and brings them tremendous value."

Growers can visit and use an online calculator to estimate their potential rewards, or call 1-877-976-8286 for more program details.

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