BCAP Moving Biomass Industry

BCAP Moving Biomass Industry

Program has provided over $165 million in assistance.

USDA's Biomass Crop Assistance Program is investing a lot of dollars into our nation's energy facilities. Farm Service Agency Administrator Jonathan Coppess reports, through April 2, 2010, USDA has approved 4,605 agreements for the delivery of more than 4.18 million tons of biomass and paid eligible biomass owners over $165 million in matching payments under BCAP's first phase.

Biomass is any organic matter that is available on a renewable or recurring basis including: agricultural commodities, plants, trees, algae, and other animal, vegetative and wood waste materials. The matching payments are for the collection, harvest, storage and transportation of eligible biomass delivered to approved facilities to convert it to biofuels.

Once a final rule is released, Coppess believes, the full potential of the BCAP program to encourage on-the-ground innovation through new crops and new economic development for farmers and rural communities will be realized. The final rule will provide funding for producers of renewable biomass who establish new biomass crops within select geographical areas and will continue to provide matching payments for deliveries of eligible materials.

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