Beans for Your Ball Joints!

New soybean based grease meets NLGI's specs for bearings and chassis use.

Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc., in Plainfield, Iowa, says its soybean-oil based grease has passed the National Lubricating Grease Institute's GC-LB specifications.

These specs are for automotive use and can be used in high-speed bearing applications.

ELM's Product Manager Mike Jensen says, "To the best of our knowledge, this is the only vegetable oil-based GC-LB grease listed on the NLGI Web site." ELM has been manufacturing and selling greases in several markets including the food industry, railroads and truck chassis lubricants.

ELM's greases are marketed under the name of SoyLube.

For more information, call (319) 276-4801 or visit ELM's Web site at:

SoyLube now has national specification certification for automotive use, which includes chassis and high-

speed bearing use. SoyLube is a soybean-based grease manufactured by Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc.

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