Beef Board Seats New Members

Beef Board Seats New Members

The Cattlemen's Beef Board seated new Board members during its orientation meeting April 7, 2010, in Denver, Colo.

After being appointed by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in March, a total of 36 Board members – including 31 new members and 5 existing members who were appointed to a second term – were seated for service on the Beef Board after taking the oath of office from USDA representative Craig Shackelford during a CBB meeting.

New members seated and the states they represent include:  Barbara S. Jackson, Arizona; Willem Bylsma, California; Darrel C. Sweet, California; Dean A. Black, Iowa; Daniel P. Herrmann, Kansas; Larry M. Oltjen, Kansas; Genevieve D. Lyons, Louisiana; Andrew B. Salinas, Michigan; David M. McCormick, Mississippi; Kevin H. Frankenbach, Missouri; Judith A. Reece, Nebraska; Annalyn Settelmeyer, Nevada; Tamara A. Ogilvie, New Mexico; Ernest B. Harris, North Carolina; Thomas A. Woods, Oklahoma; James C. Kesler, South Carolina; Danni K. Beer, South Dakota; Linda J. Gilbert, South Dakota; Larry B. Pratt, Texas; Andrea W. Reed, Texas; D. Rudolph Tate, Texas; Bruce D. Dopslauf, Texas; Laurie L. Munns, Utah; Jane E. Clifford, Vermont; Larry D. Echols, West Virginia; Martin A. Andersen, Wisconsin; Randall A. Geiger, Wisconsin; Spencer A. Ellis, Wyoming; Alberto J. Senosiain, Importer; Andrew Banchi, Importer; and Scott A. Hansen, Importer.

Reappointments and the states they represent include: Wayne Buck, Colorado; Jeff Clausen, Iowa; John Schafer, Minnesota; Kristy Lage, Nebraska; and Rob Reviere, Jr., Tennessee.

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