Beef Checkoff Consistently Receives Approval

Beef Checkoff Consistently Receives Approval

Survey shows similar approval numbers as previous surveys.

The beef checkoff has received a lot of attention lately and most of it hasn't been positive attention. However a recent producer survey looking at the awareness of, attitudes toward and concerns about the Beef Checkoff Program found 72% of beef and dairy producers approve of the checkoff, with six out of 10 believing it is well-managed, contributes to profitability of operations and represents their viewpoints. More than seven of 10 think the checkoff has value in a down market and is there for them in crises. The study was consistent with past surveys showing producers who feel informed about the checkoff do approve of it.

Changes to checkoff policies and operations have been discussed and would need to be voted on by producers. Changes include increasing the assessment by a dollar; exempting the checkoff on animal sales of $50 or less; opportunity to call for referendum on the checkoff every seven years; giving the Beef Board direct management of checkoff programs; allowing regional organization of qualified beef councils; and revising criteria for determining eligible organizations to nominate producers for Beef Board service.

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