Beef Marketing Group Holds Seminar on Low-Stress Transportation

Beef Marketing Group Holds Seminar on Low-Stress Transportation

Beef cooperative started effort to stress low-stress cattle handling in 2000; extends program to transportation.

The Beef Marketing Group, a cooperative of 13 feedlots in Kansas and Nebraska that collectively markets cattle and focuses on value-added programs, held a training seminar in Lyons last week to focus on beef transportation issues.

BMG teamed up with Tyson Fresh Meats for the project that is designed to help transportation companies and feedlot personnel understand BMB policies on transport, outside industry pressures, accountability, low-stress handling and emergency action plans.

BMG has a long-standing focus on low-stress handling and animal welfare at feedlots and wants to extend that to hauling cattle, emphasizing that transportation issues can affect meat quality and that injuries during transport can result in cattle being non-ambulatory upon arrival at a packing palnt.

BMG's commitment to low-stress animal handling started in 2000 with the implementation of the Progressive Beef program at all 13 of its feedlots. Progressive Beef is a food safety, animal well-being and sustainable verified system to ensure beef is safe, well cared for and raised in a sustainable way.

The system is based on standard operating procedures, training and verification of compliance with the Progressive Beef standard. The program was built using key industry experts input to produce a verified production system that has substance and integrity.

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