Benchmark Yields Set for ACRE

Benchmark Yields Set for ACRE

Producers have until June 1 to decide which program to choose.

USDA has released 2009 actual and 2010 benchmark yields for the Average Crop Revenue Election program for wheat, long grain rice, medium grain rice, oats and barley in a majority of states. USDA will publish data for additional states and other crops as it becomes available.

Actual and benchmark yields are used in calculating payments through the
ACRE program, which provides producers an option to protect themselves against declines in market revenue. The latest benchmark and actual yields, along with detailed information about the ACRE program and ACRE calculations, can be found at

USDA also reminds producers they have until June 1 to enroll their farms in either the 2010 Direct and Counter-cyclical Program or the
ACRE program. The decision to enroll in the ACRE program is irrevocable. Once enrolled, the farm shall be enrolled for that initial crop year and will remain in ACRE through the 2012 crop year. The June 1, 2010, deadline is mandatory for all participants.

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