Get a better reach with this grain cart

Get a better reach with this grain cart

J&M offers two new models with the x-tended reach feature.

Greater and straighter, upward, outward and forward reach is now available with the new 12 and 22 Series X-Tended Reach grain carts by J&M. While other designs feature an offset upper auger with problematic u-joint and rubber torsion assemblies to gain side reach, the 12 and 22 Series X-Tended Reach grain carts feature an in-line auger system and telescoping spout that maximizes performance and side reach (up to 11-feet-10-inches), allowing the operator to keep a comfortable distance from the trailer and still reach the center for a full and complete fill every time.

The X-tended reach carts from J

The front folding auger design provides 100% visibility of the auger during unloading and during the folding sequence. Available with an 875 to 1,500 bushel capacity tank and a high speed Bullet-Auger, the X-Tended Reach series of grain carts can deliver unloading speeds over 600 bushels per minute to maximize your harvest efficiency. A durable V-Truss axle design with the largest spindles, hubs and bearings keeps you on the go under the heaviest loads and over the most extreme terrain! The heavy-duty gearbox with 2-inch output shaft and oversized bearings and gears delivers a 362 HP static rating that ensures maximum performance under the heaviest loads. Learn more at

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