Biodiesel Happy About Diesels Role in 2009 RFS

More than 500 million gallons of renewable fuels must be diesel in 2009.

The Environmental Protection Agency released the blending rate of 10.21% for ethanol in the nation's gas supply, which will meet the 11.1 billion gallons mandated by the Renewable Fuels Standard. Something that many missed was the fact that in 2009, 500 million gallons of the fuel must be biomass-based diesel. The National Biodiesel Board applauded the EPA for inclusion of diesel.

"Biodiesel is a proven alternative that is ready now," said NBB CEO Joe Jobe. "With the highest energy balance of any renewable fuel, its growing economic impact of creating new 'green' jobs and an alternative that brings the U.S. closer to energy independence, biodiesel is the logical renewable fuel to look towards in the future."

The EPA said it participation by the biodiesel industry in 2009 would be good preparation for the compliance demonstration in 2010.

"I, along with the entire staff of the NBB look forward to working with both the petroleum and diesel industry to ensure that the RFS for 2009 are met without any complication and will provide any assistance needed to fully comply with the upcoming RFS and ensure 500 million gallons of biodiesel will enter the market next year," Jobe said.

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