Biodiesel Producers, Soybean Growers Ask for Farm Bill Provisions

Representatives from the biodiesel and soybean industries testified before the Senate Agriculture Committee to outline suggestions for the 2007 Farm Bill.

In order to boost the U.S. renewable fuel supply, the 2007 Farm Bill should include provisions to support biodiesel production and development, biodiesel producers and soybean growers' associations told the Senate Agriculture Committee.

"The construction of our biodiesel facility is the direct result of the successful programs from the 2002 Farm Bill," says Neil Rich, president and CEO of Riksch BioFuels of Crawfordsville, Iowa. "Biodiesel should be a significant part of the 2007 Farm Bill."

In order for biodiesel to continue to expand, American Soybean Association First Vice President John Hoffman says, "we need the 2007 Farm Bill to contain specific pro-biodiesel measures, including a Biodiesel Incentive Program."

This program would operate similarly to the Commodity Credit Corporation Bioenergy Program. The USDA would use CCC commodities to reimburse U.S. biodiesel producers on all biodiesel production.

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