Biofuels and Renewable Energy Get Special Attention

USDA observes Bioenergy Awareness Days this weekend.

There's a goal in Washington, endorsed by a wide number of groups and lawmakers, that wants to point this country toward a renewable future. The goal: produce 25% of all energy using renewable means by 2025. This week USDA is partnering with that coalition to present exhibits and announced Grand Challenge essay winners on agriculture and natural resource-based renewable energy and energy conservation and efficiency.

The event is taking place at the agency's Whitten Building near the national mall in Washington, DC, and at the National Arboretum starting today through Sunday. It includes exhibits from USDA, universities and the private sector. It includes 55 exhibits at the Whitten Building and 35 at the Arboretum, showing off a wide range of options including bio-energy.

The tents are up near the Whitten Building and visitors can get plenty of information about renewable energy technology. At a time when the debate has turned negative on some forms of biofuels the message remains clear that the U.S. is headed toward a renewable fuel future.

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