Biofuels Reducing World Wide GHG Emissions

Biofuels Reducing World Wide GHG Emissions

New report shows more than 50% reduction due to biofuels.

S&T Consultants Inc., an internationally recognized energy and environmental consulting firm, has released a report that demonstrates world biofuels production in 2009 has reduced global GHG emissions by 123.5 million tons. That represents an average reduction of 57% compared to the emissions that would have occurred from the production and use of equal quantities of petroleum fuels.


Bliss Baker of the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance says this proves again that biofuels production and use is already playing a vital, yet too often overlooked, role in reducing harmful GHG emissions around the globe. Baker says biofuels are and must continue to be on the front line of the Climate Change fight.


The report estimates that in 2009, world ethanol production of 73.7 billion liters reduced GHG emissions by 87.6 million tons. And with global biodiesel production forecast to be 16.4 billion liters, GHG emissions will be reduced by 35.9 million tons.

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