Blogs Gain Power as Food Safety Tool

K-State associate professor authors

A Kansas State University associate professor says that blogs are increasingly becoming a key way to inform consumers about safe food practices and reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses.

Doug Powell, associate professor of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, has an article on the topic in the January issue of Food Technology.

"It is especially important to reach younger individuals, who at some point might handle food in a food service business and who get their information from nontraditional media like blogs," he said.

Powell's own blog,, gets more than 5,000 visitors a day. It combines pop culture references and current events with food-handling information to engage readers. The posts also combine food safety messages with personal experiences, which connect readers to the effects of foodborne illness on families and communities, he said.

The other authors of the article include: Amy Hubbell, K-State assistant professor of modern languages; Casey Jacob, K-State research assistant in diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; and Benjamin Chapman, food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University.

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