Boosting Sprayer Productivity

Boosting Sprayer Productivity

The new Load Command System that can speed sprayer tendering and get you back into the field faster.

Growers fudge their productivity numbers when it comes to spraying, often not counting all the downtime the sprayer gets as it's refilled during the application day. Yet those are idle times when the machine could be right back in the field spraying. John Deere engineers recognize this opportunity, and wanted to create a system that would allow for faster fills to get you rolling quickly.

A special connection to John Deere's newest sprayers paired a new tending system can speed tank refills in the field.

Enter the Load Command System, which can fill a 1,200-gallon tank in about three minutes - about a five-fold reduction in fill time over conventional systems. The product is a tendering system that includes a special rig on your fill tanks that pushes product into the sprayer and really pushes up productivity.

The Load Command connection can be added to the 4930 Sprayer. Here's how the system works:

With the Load Command system, an operator drives the sprayer up close to the tendering vehicle and exits the machine. A swing arm that holds the tendering hose is mounted to the tendering vehicle. The operator extends the tendering arm and connects its coupler to the coupler that’s mounted to the front of the 4930 Sprayer. Once connected, sensors activate the loading process that allows the operator to return to the sprayer cab while the tank is being refilled. Once the tank is full, the system automatically stops the loading process and disengages the coupler. The operator can then back the sprayer away from the tendering arm and can return to spraying.

In one example, if an applicator were to spread 40,000 gallons of liquid fertilizer in a season, that would me 33 reloads. If load time can be cut from to three minutes a reload from 12 to 15 minutes using conventional means, in a single season the operator is back into the cab and spraying an extra 5 to 6 hours a season. That means he can cover that many more acres. John Deere estimates a 40% productivity gain with this sysem.

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