Box scraper suited for farm tasks

Box scraper suited for farm tasks

Landoll offers up new models of box scrapers that can handle a wide range of farm chores.

Spring is near and farmers and ranchers know they have a range of chores ahead of them from cleaning cattle pens to rebuilding terraces and other conservation work. Landoll offers two grader/box scrapers built for the ag market. The Icon Models 1230 and 1632 aren't just for spring and summer projects, but are built for year-round use.

From cleaning cattle pens to building ponds, the new ag-focused box scrapers from Landoll are versatile machines.

Jamie Meier, ag division sales manager, Landoll, explains that "standard equipment fold-down box ends on both models essentially give the customer two machines for the price of one. As a grader or box scrape, the 1230 and 1632 can be used for every job on the farm - including building ponds, cleaning ditches, grading roads, moving snow, digging irrigation ditches, leveling fields and clearing brush."

In addition to offering two different sizes, Icon also offers a rear steer option on the 1632, marketed as the 1632 RS. A special rear frame pivots with the aid of a hydraulic cylinder. This allows the unit to steer up to five feet to the left or right of center, providing an additional 18 degrees of angle for increased blade reach and more versatility.

The 1230 features a 12-foot by 30-inch blade with a standard 6-inch cutting edge. The 1632/1632RS feature a 16-foot by 32-inch blade with a standard 6-inch cutting edge. All three models include a weight box over the axle that holds about one-half yard of concrete, or about 1,500 pounds, for stability against side draft. A hydraulic cushion valve also provides blade breakaway for built-in protection upon solid impact. Transport width for these models is 9-feet, 6-inchs. Learn more at

Source: Landoll Corporation

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