Brazil Concerned About EU Environmental Certification for Biofuels

The EU Commission has proposed a mandatory environmental certification for biofuel imports.

With the expansion of the biofuel industry, many groups have raised concerns about producing fuel crops in an environmentally sustainable way. The European Union Commission has proposed implementing a mandatory environmental certification program on its biofuel imports to try to protect Brazilian rainforests from being destroyed for biofuel production.

Brazil is wary of the idea of EU certification and its implications.

"Producing biofuels in an environmentally sustainable way is on our agenda, and there are already various initiatives from the private sector to insure this," Alexandre Strapasson, a sugar and ethanol coordinator in Brazil's Agriculture Ministry, tells Dow Jones newswires.

The EU Commission proposed in March that member states make a 10% mix of biofuels mandatory in all transport fuel by 2020.

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