Brazil Conducts Sting at JBS and Others

Brazil Conducts Sting at JBS and Others

Meatpacker is under investigation in corruption case.

JBS S.A., the world's biggest beef processor, and others are under investigation by Brazil's federal prosecutor's office in a widespread corruption case. Several meatpackers and leather and hide companies are part of the investigation, which began about a year ago. The public relations department of Brazil's federal prosecutor's office released a statement saying several people were being rounded up and held in police custody following police sting operations. The prosecutor's office said it was investigating the bribing of public officials, racketeering, corruption, fraud and collusion.


This week JBS S.A. officials denied the company is involved in crimes associated with the Brazilian government's probe. JBS said it cooperated with the police, who collected documents including audit reports and copies of plant operations licenses. The company said no electronic data storage devices, computer or any other kind of equipment was seized due to a lack of evidence that any crime was committed.

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