Brinsea's New Incubator

Entery-level incubator is basic, high-quality.

Brinsea's 2009 Octagon 209 ECO offers an entry-level incubator designed for accuracy, reliability and economy for those wanting a basic, high-quality tool for starting chicks.

The Octagon 20 ECO is set at the factory for 99.5 degrees F, but can be adjusted with a tamper-proof screw adjustment. Fresh air comes in through slider vents on the cue of a long-life fan, and a flashing indicator tells when the temperature is being controlled in a steady fashion. The clear top gives quick visual access to egg conditions without allowing cooler air in during inspection and the unit is designed to take up to 24 hen eggs.

30 WATT INCUBATOR: The Octagon 20 ECO offers basic, reliable, low-cost temperature and climate control for

up to 24 hen eggs, and is available with automatic turning.

Total power consumption is 30 watts.

The Octagon 20 ECO can also be equipped with fully automatic turning features.

For more information on the new incubator, call (888) 667-7009, or visit:

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